Electronic System Design & Training

The project is based on the design and development of the low cost Educational Kits in the area of FPGA, Embedded System and Digital Signal Processing to perform experiment to get hand on experience. Approximately 10 experiments will be designed and performed on each board keeping in view the conceptual requirement in different areas. The manual will be prepared to perform step-by-step each experiment. This will form the basis to design and develop low cost our own boards for student. The experiments can be accessed anytime and anywhere, overcoming the constraints on time felt when having access to the physical lab for only a short period of time. The targeted end users will be undergraduate students and faculty members at various universities and institutes.

  • The features include :
    • ESD, DSP and FPGA labs from experts.
    • Interactive simulations and lab videos.
    • The concepts and uderstanding of experiment.
    • The ability to perform and learn experiment.

The training on these boards will help in creating trained manpower to cultivate domestic ESDT industry for creating another knowledge-driven sector, beyond IT services.

We make use of cutting edge technology to create the experiment. Thorough study and research is done by research personnel for better understanding of the experiment procedures. Real lab scenarios are captured through live demonstration of the experiment so as to assimilate information on the procedures and lab equipment. Access to ESDT is free for everyone upon registration.

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